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Welcome to my portfolio.

Here you can see past works of my direct response copywriting, marketing emails and
sales letters.

Email campain for JackManleyTV

Email campain for JackManleyTV

- This is an excerpt from an email marketing campaign I did for my client Jack Manley -

So glad to finally meet you (customers name!)

I'm going to get right to the point because you've waited way too long for all this goodness.

The secret skills that I mastered on 6th street to get all those girls are finally now available to you./

But before you take your next breath let me give you what could be my last.

You might die tomorrow but I need you to know one thing.

This thing is going to hard for you to swallow but it's the one thing that's going to save you before it's all up. 

This...thing. Well, it's not just a thing...or a business....or a product. 

It's a way of life and it’s called the Manley Method

There’s a catch though.

You see this isn’t going to work for everyone. 

You see I personally experienced many heartbreaks from past girlfriends. They heartlessly cheated on me, tried to physically attack me despite me being so loving and kind, rejected everything I threw at them even though I was doing everything right (or so I thought). 

If you plan on trying to win you exes back just so you can reject them and go on a rampage hurting every girl out there this program is not for you. 

This only works for those that are not naturally great with women. 

Have you ever experienced this:

  • You can’t understand why girls choose that brain dead asshole over the college educated gentlemen

  • You don’t understand their irrational behaviors, moods and random tests. 

  • Why you seem to do everything right but it NEVER works.

  • You get rejected before they even give you a damn chance to get to know you

  • Family keeps asking if they are ever getting grandkids (lol) 

  • She seem to not even know you exist 

  • You are terrified of being rejected or publicly humiliated for hitting on a random girl in public

  • If you answered yes to any of the following then you must take action NOW! 

You’ve already waited too long and it’s just going to keep getting harder the longer you procrastinate. 

Remember if you procrastinate, you masturbate.....alone.....with no women lol.

Okay so there's some girls screaming my name down on 6th street so I gotta go for now but stay tuned in for next email.

(P.S. I'm releasing some ninja tricks to help get the ball rolling if you're afraid to even start a conversation, make sure to read these free email daily and have your friends sign up for them as well.)

Blog post for WSP

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